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insulation contractors serving Rochester, NYIf you wish to get your house or building insulated, there are several options available to you for an insulation contractor in Rochester, NY.  Insulation is usually applied to a building depending on several circumstances—most often for thermal purposes but also for acoustic, impact, or fire insulation.  The type of insulation your building or home receives should be determined at the time of planning, but in certain situations, an existing building can have insulation added or augmented to it. One can measure the effectiveness of insulation via an R-value in metric (SI) or US customary values.

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Why Our Customers Choose Rick Rossi Insulation in Rochester, NY

  • Our team of expert technicians is highly trained and skilled when it comes to all types of insulation available and specializes in blown in insulation.
  • Each of the customers that calls upon us for services knows that they are going to get the very best quality service that we have to offer.
  • Our flexible hours of operation are perfect for the wide variety of schedules and time constraints that our customers require.
  • We offer competitive pricing that is hard to match by the standards and expectations of many of our other competitors.

Blown In Insulation

The primary specialty of Rick Rossi Insulation is blown-in insulation. This is a type of insulation blown into whatever space requires it. The main benefit of blown in insulation is that it perfectly and completely fills in the allotted space such as an attic.  The two most common materials used for blown insulation are cellulose and fiberglass though you can use other materials.  Cellulose is made out of recycled newspaper while fiberglass is often composed of sand and recycled glass.  Blown in insulation is the type of insulation that can be installed to a preexisting building.

Batts Insulation

Batts are large pieces of insulation held together by a series of long, interweaving fibers with adhesive binders.  The two most common types of batts are fiberglass and cotton, both having approximately equal R-values.  Cotton batts are often made of recycled jeans.  Batts often work as an insulation material for a building that is being planned out as it can be installed as the building is being constructed.  However, batts have a huge disadvantage over blown insulation in that it does not cover all spaces, often leaving gaps and incompletely filled areas.  This makes it considerably less effective than blown in insulation.

Sprayed Insulation

Spray foam insulation is similar to blown in insulation, the big difference being material—spray insulation utilizes a type of spray foam, either open cell or closed cell.  The primary advantage of spray foam insulation is that it allows you to move the building envelope that is the boundary between conditioned and unconditioned space from the attic floor to the roofline.  If air conditioning ducts are within the envelope, then spray insulation is unnecessary.  In addition, spray insulation has a tremendous disadvantage in that it can cost up to three to four times the price of blown in insulation.

By trusting in Rick Rossi Insulation, you will be able to receive quality service from these professional experts who will help you to decide which insulation type is best.  Give us a Call Today to get started (585) 247-4694!

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