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Rochester, NY Icicle Prevention During these winter months, icicles on the roof will no doubt continue to be a problem for many houses.  In snowy regions, temperatures will fluctuate between daytime and nighttime.  Snow that melts during the daytime will freeze again during the night, creating icicles that dangle from the roofs of houses.  These icicles are a danger for anybody that walks under them in the event that the icicles might fall and injure someone below.  Furthermore, when there is a large amount of icicles present, they will actually act as a dam on the roof, preventing water from draining away and begin leaking into the house—a process called ice damming.
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Why Rick Rossi Insulation is the Best Option for Icicle Prevention

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The biggest cause for the formation of icicles is poor insulation in the roof.  Likewise the best way to prevent icicles from forming is to get proper insulation in the roof.  When there are gaps in your roof insulation, different amounts of temperature and air will be released from different places along the roof.  This fluctuation in temperature naturally creates an ideal situation where icicles can form due to the melting and refreezing of snow.  From the outside, you can tell that a roof isn’t properly insulated when it has patches or entire sections of the roof bare in an otherwise snowy environment aside from the icicles.  A properly insulated roof will have even snow covering it and no icicles hanging upon it.

To prevent icicles from forming on your roof, you need to make sure that your roof’s insulation has no gaps in it.  In this case, blown-in insulation of either fiberglass or cellulose is the best option.  This is because blown-in insulation is the least likely to leave any kind of gap in the space it covers.  Blown-in insulation will cover every bit of the space underneath the roof making sure that there that there are only even spots in the thermal insulation.  The point is that there should be no gaps in your roof insulation.

Icicles will continue to be a nuisance for people who live in snowy regions.  Fortunately, trusting in Rick Rossi Insulation located in Rochester, NY is the best way to get proper insulation within your home to regulate the temperature and effectively prevent icicles from forming. Given the problems that icicles and ice dams will continue to cause, there is no doubt that investing in some proper insulation for your roof will save you from many headaches sometime in the future.

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