Fiberglass Insulation

Currently when prices are climbing, thermal insulation is almost a necessity if only to keep air conditioning bills down.  Certainly air conditioning can maintain a building’s temperature even without insulation but insulation is what keeps that temperature from escaping.  Effective insulation will keep your energy costs down, and by far the most common material used in insulation is fiberglass.

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Rochester Fiberglass Insulation More than ninety percent of all homes in America use fiberglass as their material of choice for insulation, the most popular material for insulation on the market.  Fiberglass is composed of a number of materials, mostly sand and recycled glass that has been converted into fibers that can be used as insulation material.  It is added to a home’s attic, walls, or floor via either loose-fill blown in or batts forms, though the blown in method is the most effective.  This is because blown in insulation will not leave any unfilled gaps and will cover every inch of the insulated space.  Being loose-fill, it will still allow ventilation while keeping temperature consistent.

There have been several potential health hazards that have been associated with fiberglass so keep that in mind.  Fiberglass is a skin irritant so physical contact should be avoided.  It has also been suggested as a possible carcinogen, especially if it ends up airborne in a particle state.  This threat can be mitigated if the area to be insulated is netted off before hand though one should still be careful not to breathe the stuff in when using blown in insulation.  Keep in mind that fiberglass was introduced as an artificial substitute to the naturally existing asbestos insulation.  Whether fiberglass is as dangerous as asbestos is a point of contention for many but the general consensus appears to be that it is not as hazardous.

Either way, fiberglass insulation is perfectly safe if it is installed properly.  If possible, get a professional to install fiberglass insulation for you.  If you insist on installing it yourself or cannot afford to have it professionally installed, make sure you know how to install it using the blown in method.

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Fiberglass is a perfect insulator. It will undeniably help to keep the energy costs of your home down.  As long as you trust in the professional expertise and skill of Rick Rossi Insulation when it comes to installing it, you will never have anything to worry about at all. These expert technicians and specialists will provide you with the best quality fiberglass insulation available in order to deliver long-term quality that you can trust.

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