Cellulose Insulation

Rochester, NY Cellulose InsulationCellulose is a form of insulation for houses used since the 1920s.  The word “cellulose” is French for a living cellule and glucose, basically sugar.  Cellulose insulation is basically using plant material in wall and attic cavities to regulate temperature and noise.  Modern day cellulose insulation, which was first used during the 1950s, consists of recycled newspaper that has been treated with fire retardant materials.  Although fiberglass remains the more popular form of insulation, cellulose’s popularity has been increasing due to studies that suggest that it is less damaged by fire than fiberglass, mostly because cellulose is denser restricts oxygen transfer.

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There are several forms of cellulose insulation.  To begin with, dry cellulose or loose fitting cellulose is installed in homes by the blown in method.  It is often used in old homes where it is blown into holes drilled into the tops of walls.  Dry cellulose can also be densely packed to decrease the possibility of gaps in the insulation.  Unfortunately, dry cellulose will settle as close as twenty percent, though this doesn’t affect the R-value.

Spray-applied cellulose or wet-spray cellulose is most often used in new wall construction.  It is cellulose that has water and a chemical retardant such as chlorine added to it to prevent fugal growths such as mold or mildew.  It is also often mixed with some adhesive making it ideal for walls due to it sticking to vertical surfaces and will not have settling problems.  Spray-applied cellulose will require some time to dry when it is used in walls.

There is also stabilized cellulose.  This type of cellulose insulation has water added to it to activate an adhesive quality to it, making it ideal for horizontal surfaces such as in attics or roofs.  The added adhesiveness from water also means that stabilized cellulose is less likely to settle meaning that less of it can be used.  It is most especially ideal for sloped roofs due to it begin adhesive and often requiring less mass than other forms of insulation.

Finally, there is low-dust cellulose.  This is cellulose that has been treated with a small percentage of oil or a small amount of dust dampener.  It is the most ideal for homes where the residents are sensitive to newsprint or paper dust.

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